Canberra bushfires 18 January 2003


06:30 Burgan Place: In preparation for moving house - Jerry goes onto roof to clear the gutters. Great view, air is clear, some hint of smoke from distant bushfires making for a spectacular sun rise. Time to mow the lawns afterwards and then a nice relaxing afternoon nap...

3.00pm - awoke from afternoon nap to find that things had warmed up a bit! (the fire truck which arrived about 4.30pm was from NSW fire brigade and was geographically misplaced- it should have gone to Duffy!)

House at the end of Burgan Place, Rivett - four houses up from ours.

House on Darwinia Tce Rivett - 15 houses on Darwinia were lost - the fire came within one rooftop of ours.

Darwinia Tce looking towards Hindmarsh Drive.

Extent of the fires (Image from The Canberra Times) showing locations of Rivett and Holder (Holder is where the white cross is).

New house in Counsel St Holder.

Melted gas meter on new house.

Melted street lamp outside new house

Front view of new house - front yard being cleared.

Forest at end of Counsel St, Holder. Houses at 4, 5, and 14 have been lost.

The new neighbourhood from the air. We were lucky only to lose the front garden!

Dream car

Burnt tools from neighbour's garage

Melted secateurs

In the shadow of the fire